Handmade 10 Reasons Why I Love You Gift For Boyfriend Valentines

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This gorgeous wooden heart plaque printed with this beautiful message would be a great Anniversary Gift or Valentine's Day gift for your Boyfriend. Give this gift with love and put a smile on your partner's face every time they read it.Anniversary Gift For Him! Anniversary Gift For Boyfriend! Valentines Gift! Relationship Gift! Valentines Day Gift! Gift For Boyfriend!

Perfect to hang on a wall, a kitchen or coat hook or even on the neck of a bottle. Sure to be loved by the lucky recipient.

The message on this heart reads:
"10 Reasons Why
I Love My Boyfriend
1. You always support me in everything I do
2. You are so kind and so caring
3. You make me feel safe
4. You make me laugh
5. You are always there for me
6. You are my best friend
7. I can tell you anything!
8. You make me feel so loved
9.You put up with me
10. You make me
so happy!"

The sign is made from FSC Certified wood, and the design is permanently printed into the wood. The wooden heart is supplied with waxed cotton rope to allow easy hanging and looks great in any room of the house.